We love hearing from our many fans. Here are some of the things our amazing customers have to say about Keto Vida.

5 stars  Must Have to Support Your Keto Efforts!

I have been eating strict Keto for the past 3 months, and I have seen the energy benefits and weight loss. What I was struggling with was falling asleep, and I was waking up not rested and was lethargic for the majority of the morning. Since taking the Night Time Weight Loss Fat Burner I've been able to sleep better, I've seen an increase in my fat loss, and I am better able to get my morning meal consumed. This really works and it has been an amazing addition to my keto journey. I've already ordered more!!!

-  K. Pratt 

5 stars This is a great product. Works

This stuff really works. I've been taking it every night over the last two weeks and have lost 8 pounds. I feel better when I wake up, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. I also do not wake up hungry. I feel my biggest problem is eating after 8:00 PM. I do not feel hungry in the evening after taking this product. Highly recommend.

- Russell

5 stars Great Supplement to a New Lifestyle

This product is fantastic! I've been really focused on losing weight, and this has been the perfect supplement to speed up the process. I'm losing weight faster than ever! Plus, it was a great Christmas present for my best friend, who just started the Keto Diet. Highly recommend!

5 stars Finally a product that really works.

Having insomnia for years and struggling to lose some extra pounds I need to say that this product works great. I’m able to relax and fall asleep and feel refreshed in the morning. With getting the sleep I need my body is able to heal and recharge and with my metabolism getting an extra boost the weight is dropping too. Great product.


5 stars Curbs Cravings and Enhances Energy From Keto.

I have had a tough time getting going in the morning after eating Keto for the past few months. I typically work out late morning and even with pre-workout, I've felt my workouts dragging. I've been taking the Keto Fat Burner with BHB for the past week and a half and I've seen a noticeable bump in my performance and energy. This works as advertised and has been an amazing addition to my supplement regimen. I've ordered more, already, it works that well!!!

- K.

5 stars Stops the sugar craving and enhances energy

I have added this to my other Keto Vida products and I'm still impressed. At 64 its sometimes hard to maintain the enthusiasm for eating keto and keeping my energy up. This product helps get me through my spin and HIIT classes and still have energy to burn throughout the day. I can see the inches drop with the help of this product. I will continue to use these products they are the best.


Have tried other similar products but this is by far the best yet! Could tell it was working from day one! This product is great and will continue living the Kito Vida! Great product!

- Kyle